Title: “The Case of the Vanishing Underpants”

In the sleepy town of Socksville, there was a mystery that baffled everyone – the case of the vanishing underpants. Every morning, residents would wake up to find their underpants missing from their clotheslines. It didn’t matter if they were boxers, briefs, or even granny panties – no undergarment was safe from the stealthy thief.

Detective Dotty, the town’s most eccentric sleuth, took it upon herself to crack the case. Armed with her magnifying glass and trusty sidekick, a talking sock named Squeaky, she set out to unravel the mystery.

After days of fruitless investigation, Detective Dotty stumbled upon a clue – a trail of underpants leading to the town’s laundromat. With a twinkle in her eye, she knew she was onto something big.

As she entered the laundromat, Detective Dotty was greeted by the sight of Mayor Boxerbriefs, nervously folding a pile of freshly laundered underpants. Sensing his guilt, she confronted him.

“Mayor Boxerbriefs, you’ve been caught with your pants down!” Detective Dotty exclaimed.

The mayor stuttered and stammered, trying to come up with an excuse, but Detective Dotty wasn’t buying it. With a flourish, she whipped out her handcuffs and made the mayor confess to his underhanded underpants thievery.

It turned out that Mayor Boxerbriefs had a secret obsession with collecting underpants. Unable to resist the urge, he would sneak into the laundromat at night and swipe the underpants off the clotheslines.

The townsfolk were both shocked and amused by the revelation. Mayor Boxerbriefs was promptly stripped of his mayoral duties and sentenced to community service, washing and folding everyone’s underpants for a month.

And so, peace was restored to Socksville, thanks to the quick thinking of Detective Dotty and her trusty sidekick, Squeaky. As for Mayor Boxerbriefs, he learned his lesson the hard way – crime doesn’t pay, especially when it involves underpants.