Detective Inspector Clueless was not your typical detective. In fact, he was known more for his knack for stumbling into trouble than his sleuthing skills. But when the case of the missing underpants baffled the town of Knickerton, he was determined to crack it – or trip over trying.

It all started on a sunny morning when Mrs. Puddlewick discovered that her prized collection of underpants had vanished from her clothesline. The whole town was in a frenzy, whispering rumors of a notorious underpants thief on the loose.

Armed with his trusty magnifying glass (which he frequently mistook for a monocle), Detective Clueless set out to unravel the mystery. His first suspect? Old Mr. Grumblebottom, the eccentric neighbor with a penchant for collecting oddities.

But as Detective Clueless interrogated Mr. Grumblebottom about his alibi, he accidentally knocked over a stack of newspapers, revealing a secret stash of – you guessed it – underpants.

However, before Detective Clueless could declare victory, he tripped over his own shoelaces and sent the underpants flying out the window, much to Mr. Grumblebottom’s confusion.

Undeterred, Detective Clueless pressed on, questioning the town’s other residents – from the nosy librarian to the friendly milkman. But each interrogation seemed to end in a slapstick mishap, leaving Detective Clueless more bewildered than ever.

Just when all hope seemed lost, a clue emerged in the most unlikely of places – the town’s annual pie-eating contest. As Detective Clueless dug into his third slice of blueberry pie, he discovered a stray pair of underpants nestled amongst the crust.

With a triumphant belch, Detective Clueless cracked the case wide open, revealing that the culprit was none other than… a mischievous pack of squirrels with a taste for adventure.

And so, the town of Knickerton rejoiced as Detective Clueless inadvertently solved the case of the missing underpants – proving that sometimes, the greatest mysteries are solved by sheer accident.